Welcome! to receive SMS Online

What is Receive SMS?

Receive SMS is a site where any user can receive text messages online to activate PVA accounts, we provide phone numbers where you can receive text messages on our website. We are characterized by our innovation, allowing you to integrate any automated service through our API

We are the leading providers in the industry for the registration of accounts in any service where you need to verify your identity through SMS, better known as Text Message.

What platforms can be activated by SMS Online?

In Receive SMS you can verify the following types of accounts:

  • Activation of social networks account: You can create a Facebook PVA account, Twitter, Tinder, Instagram and many other options.

  • Activation of ad accounts: This is especially useful for activating your Airbnb account, activating your Paypal and Ebay account by sms, you can also check your Craiglist account and many other options more!

  • Activation of email accounts: Generally the creation of verified accounts of the mail service is to verify by SMS Gmail, Yahoo, Aol, Naver,, Rambler, QUIP and many more options!

  • Activation of games: Now you can verify the main gaming platforms, we offer to verify by SMS your G2A, Gameflip, Steam and Steemit account.

  • Activation of instant messaging accounts: Protect your privacy by creating for your WhatsApp account, receive the SMS code directly on our platform, but in addition to this, you can also verify by SMS online your Telegram, Viber, WeChat, Kakaotalk, Snapchat accounts , Tencent QQ, Line Messenger, Vibe and many more accounts!

  • Activation of payment services: Do you want to protect your privacy by activating your bank accounts by online sms? Now you can receive your sms online to register your accounts of Dukascopy, Postbank, Webmoney, and several other accounts!

  • Store activation: Did you know that you can also check your Adidas and Nike Store account with our services? Not only that, you can also check your BurgerKing, Careem, HQ Trivia, Microsoft Office 365, Taobao, Upwork and many more accounts by SMS!

  • Activation of Taxi services: While you can also verify your Uber account by SMS, we give you the option to verify your Lyft account, GetTaxi, GrabTaxi, CityMobil and many other companies!

What other accounts can I verify?

You can really verify any type of accounts, among the most representative options we can , Amazon, Spotify, Twilio, Weebly, CDKeys accounts.

In addition to this, if no list of those listed between our service is found, you can verify your account with the figure of OTHERS. This gives you the possibility to create any type of account of any kind.

How many countries are attached to the platform?

At Receive SMS we want to offer the largest amount of online SMS reception service, therefore every month we add new countries. At the time of writing we have 40 countries adhered to, we are practically the only ones that offer this service with quality and in an automated way.

What are the payment options?

We currently accept Paypal, Webmoney and Cryptocurrencies, of which Bitcoin, Bitcoin Gold, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Neo and Zcash are enabled.

Can I automate the creation of PVA accounts?

Effectively! If you have software, you can easily integrate it with our platform through our API. Our engineers have carefully made the programming of it so that you can activate the amount of PVA accounts you want.

How many times is a single number used?

Unlike the free online sms services, the number is used only once for the service requested, then that number will be available but only for another service, this way we offer quality numbers that can not be blocked.